Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spreading The Love With Bracelet Bling

I recently finished an order for 6 medium-sized black pearl and crystal bracelets. One of my co-workers had seen the red and gold pearl bracelet I had been wearing, and being the loving and thoughtful sister and daughter that she is, thought it would make a great gift idea for some of the women in her family. I went with the same basic design but used the black pearls, silver spacer bars, and changed up the look of the crystals a bit. Some crystals were faceted silver, faceted smoky clear, metallic black and silver, and a few other tweaks so that most of the bracelets differed just slightly. She told me afterwards that they all loved them, yay! Hope you like them too!  I've included a video along with the pictures. Sorry for the video quality.. but hopefully it helps to know that I have plans on getting a better video camera in the very near future.  :)

Black Pearl Bracelet Video (If unable to view video via email, please click on highlighted link title at the top - 'Black Pearl Bracelets' - and it will take you to the video on my website)



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  2. Thank you for reading Jony! Glad you enjoyed it!