Thursday, October 16, 2014

32nd Annual Orange Park Fall Festival!

Well hello again all my Cara's Creations fans and readers! It has been a while since you have seen a blog from me, and some of you, possibly non-Facebook fans, might have been wondering if I am still blogging, if I am still making jewelry, and will I be doing the fall Festival again this year in Orange Park..? Well, I am happy to tell you Yes, yes, and YES! 

I had taken a few months off for a much needed vacation and relaxation, but the jewelry gods have begun to rumble again, with the fall and Christmas seasons coming up… 

And for the past 2 to 3 months, I have been very busy trying to prepare for the fall Festival in Orange Park, this Saturday and Sunday, October 18th and 19th from 10 AM to 5 PM. It is located at the Town of Orange Park Town Hall, located at 2042 Park Avenue in Orange Park. 

Cost & Parking Information:

The Fall Festival is a free public event and everyone of all ages are invited to attend.

Parking will be available at Moosehaven, (orange buildings on the left hand side of 17 after exiting the Buckman, right before you get to Kingsley). They have a shuttle service running throughout the day and some space will be available closer to Town Hall .

This year will be our 32nd Annual Event, and it will be bigger and better than ever. Two full days filled with music, food, fun, crafts, vendors and entertainment.

You can find additional information, including vendor lists, entertainment and events, here-

Cara's Creations will be in booth 11 this year, which is right in front of the Townhall building. I am so excited to be participating again, this will be my third year. I have a new tent, a slightly different booth setup, and a whole bunch of new stuff LOL! :)

So come on out and see me, bring the kids and family, or the hubby if you can talk him into coming… And there's plenty to see, eat and do for everybody - families, couples, singles, doggies too!  

Here is a preview of some of the new stuff.

Hope to see you there! :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year and New Stuff

Hello and Happy New Year to all my Cara's Creations readers! The last quarter of 2013 was the busiest I've ever been, and I want give a big thanks to all my family, friends, customers, and readers who help made it happen. 

Now that we're into the new year, I wanted to show you just a few different styles I thought would be fun to create, and of course wear. 

First, I'll show you this showier fashion statement necklace. It has hand wired  fire-polished amber color faceted crystals around the neckline. They lead into the eye-catching silver-plated ring. And from the ring you see the gorgeous large faceted agate stone. It is flat on the back, so it rests nicely on the lower chest. Many have remarked on how unique the stone looks because of the mix of mostly amber color with a subtle hint of dark orchid running through. Finally, from the agate hangs a fun embellished hollow metal ball and tassle. Let me tell you, it looks fabulous and even better worn!

Amber Crystal and Agate Tassle Necklace - $28

Next is a slight change up in the tube necklace, with this sleek and organic looking Metallic Agate with Cultured Pearls Tube Necklace. It is very unique and modern looking with it's sleek yet organic looking column-shaped Agate stones and slim metal tubes. I added a wonderful touch of sea and visual variety with the cultured pearls, nestled between the stones and tubes. Love this necklace, and need I say metallic grey matches everything! :)

Metallic Agate and Cultured Pearls Tube Necklace - $28

And last on my list of neat things to show you, is a request for my friend Charlene. Charlene wanted to see this really sparkly striped rhinestone large tear drop she heard that I have. It has two different tones of purple - a dark orchid and a lighter shade of lavendar, which helps make it a great match to most purply outfits. It, however, is not attached to a necklace yet. The picture you see below is a sample. Since I haven't made a necklace yet for this particular purple rhinestone, I used a different necklace to model it with so you can see how it would generally look. (The purple model necklace is $27 in case you're wondering)

Ok that's all the pics for now folks. Also new this year, I will be making a more modern take on the rosary type necklace. The longer ones with a larger cross on the bottom and smaller crystals on chain. That's partially due to making one for my friend Stacy, and other ladies that have seen how pretty they are, wanted to grab one for themselves as well. 

Bye and God bless for now! :)