Monday, January 16, 2012

Hooked on Fishhook Earrings

Just a quick post to show you another pair of fishhook earrings made for a co-worker's son's girlfriend. Apparently she loves fishing, and these were a great gift idea. Two smaller metallic green faceted round beads with an additional clear crystal bicone both above and below it, make up the main body of these earrings. Yes, that's a real stainless steel fishhook dangling from the crystal bead... No worries, the tip and barb have been cut off and sanded so no actual hooking or stabbing is involved for the wearer. They're quite versatile too - I've done several different versions using different beads and combinations, and just about any bead looks good as a fishhook earring. They really stand out, and are just the cutest fishhook earrings don't ya think? Love them!  :)


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