Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Next Project - Turquoise Lover's Necklace

This is still in progress, but I was excited to show you my Kumihimo project I'm currently working on. It's gonna be Turquoise Lover's Delight Kumihimo Necklace. It is very similar to the bracelet, but this one is stepped up with these beautiful golden Keshi pearls. I'm thinking of matching them up with the beaded flower filigree and awesome turquoise nugget. Can't wait to finish it so I can show you how it turns out!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On Some Beach, Somewhere.. Creme Biege Shells with Charcoal Grey Kumihimo Necklace

Oh to be one of these seashells... lying peacefully on some secluded beach somewhere. Listening to the waves gently rolling in and out of the shore. When I saw these shells they took me away to places I've never been but have always wanted to go. Reminded me of days collecting shells on the beach, going from shell to shell to find just the right one to take home.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to go on location to get these particular shells or pictures, but it was fun looking through all the pictures and dreaming. It was also fun making my next Kumihimo necklace using these great creamy biege colored shells I found in the store. As with many shells, they have a multi-colored top, which has been glossed up nicely for us. On-top of the creamy biege sits hues of browns, island greens, oranges, greys, and pinks.

I joined them up with metallic charcoal grey and island green colors to contemporize, give some sparkle, and really make the creme biege color pop. Also loved these great round shell pearls found with the metallic beads at River City Beads. The shell pearls are not cultured pearls. They start with the sea shell, and are lab-grown by adding mother of pearl bead to it, and shaping it into the round pearl shape. This gives them more durability (I had to look that info up). Kinda like how oysters grow into pearls, but instead these shells are 'grown' or made into pearls. Braided in-between is charcoal grey Rat Tail. (It's called Rat Tail, but it's actually a very high quality satin cord) For the upper part of the necklace, I played with the green colors from the shells by adding a green jasper hollowed square, metallic bicone studded bead, and a large embellished hollow pewter bead. To finish it up, I chose an easy-to-use large toggle clasp. It measures 33" in length, but I can shorten down to 24" max, or somewhere in-between if requested.

I hope you enjoy this necklace as much as I enjoyed making and sharing it with you. And enjoy the beach pictures too!

Creme Biege Shells with Charcoal Grey Kumihimo Necklace - $45

Creme Biege Shells with Charcoal Grey Kumihimo Necklace

Creme Biege Shells w/Charcoal Grey Kumihimo Necklace-Citi Employ


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Going Natural, Looking Great in Turquoise, Rose Quartz, and Shells Kumihimo Bracelets

Today I have a few Kumihimo bracelets that I wanted to feature that are all done with help from mother nature, with a hint of glamour added. I love the glitzy sparkly look of the crystals and glass, but I also truly love natural stones and materials - and I figured why not use both but with the spotlight being on the natural stuff. So I decided to dedicate this to the nature lovers and jewelry enthusiasts alike. I love the way mixing natural materials with a hint of glitz looks and feels. It's like taking a small piece of mother nature with you wherever you go, and looking great while you're doing it. Plus, they have been sitting in the $20 and Up Bin, and I felt I needed to tell their stories and get them some blog 'air time'.

First up, Turquoise Lover's Delight. Just as the name says, this bracelet has a generous amount of turquoise pieces braided using the Japanese Kumihimo technique. I wanted to add a little bling, so I added black sparkling crystals which appear to nicely wrap around and in-between the turquoise pieces. Such a lovely look and feel. It has a lobster clasp to make a more flexible fit in size and wear. This fits a 7" - 8 1/2" wrist, but I can custom make you one with a smaller or specific size if desired - just state the size you want in the ordering process. It also has a small dangle for extra cuteness. Turquoise and jewelry lovers both I think will love this bracelet!

Turquoise Lover's Delight Kumihimo Bracelet - $39 (SOLD)

You can find additional pics in the $20 and Up Bin https://picasaweb.google.com/107300574423774597919/20AndUpBin?authuser=0&feat=directlink .

Next in the Feeling Natural line, is the Rose Quartz Kumihimo Bracelet. This one was done in lovely light pink Rose Quartz pieces. I added a touch of clear and white beads which allows the prettiness of the rose quartz stones to really stand out. They are followed by large metal beads with crystals, and beautiful clear and pink glass beads that help give it an added glamorous boost. It has the easy-to-use rhinestone magnetic clasp, which makes wearing the bracelet quick, easy, sturdy, and extra sparkly. This one fits 7 1/2" - 8 1/2" wrist comfortably, but you can have one made to a different size by including the size you want in the ordering process below. I think the ladies will just love this one, pink bracelets are always nice as a birthday or Christmas gift!

Rose Quartz Kumihimo Bracelet - $35

As I was taking pictures, these two just naturally seemed to gravitate to the shape of a heart, and being a heart-lover, I just had to take a picture. I ♥ them! :)
Additional pics can be found in the $20 and Up Bin https://picasaweb.google.com/107300574423774597919/20AndUpBin?authuser=0&feat=directlink .

And finally, here in Florida we have a lot of beaches and shells are everywhere. They also seem to be "in" in the fashion world. People love them and seem to gravitate to them like women near a chocolate store. Well, luckily I love them as well, which is why I picked out these lovely brown multi-colored shells. They have a real smooth pearlescent look that seems to shimmer from all angles, but you can still see that they are definitely shells. Since they are shells, mother nature naturally enhanced them with various shades of brown and various other colors, such as dark cappucino, light mocha, a neat caramel color, goldish-brown, and silverish-white. Shell and brown color lovers I think would adore and appreciate this bracelet. For added sparkle, I added dark brown beads that seem to almost glow they are so shiny, and large rhinestone metal beads, along with a polished looking silver plated toggle clasp. Now due to the different sized shell pieces, this bracelet is about a four out of five on the chunkiness meter, but it still wears easily for people who like or don't mind the chunkier bracelets. It measures 9" in length, but will fit a 7" wrist comfortably. I sure hope you love this Shimmering Shells bracelet too, like I do!

Shimmering Shells Kumihimo Bracelet - $35

Additional pics can be found in the $20 and Up Bin https://picasaweb.google.com/107300574423774597919/20AndUpBin?authuser=0&feat=directlink .

Here are all 3, Turquoise Lover's Delight, Rose Quartz, and Shimmering Shells, together on the wrist with front and clasp view.

I have more creations to come - plenty are in progress, and plenty are still in my head. I always like to try and put previews of what I'm working on in the Project Bin on my blog when I have time, and if I can remember to take pictures.You can see what else I've started working on in the Project Bin here - https://picasaweb.google.com/107300574423774597919/ProjectsBin?authuser=0&feat=directlink

Thanks for reading my blog and looking at my creations, I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to purchase any of the bracelets (using Buy Now buttons below), any other creations on this blog, or come back and view again. You can even use the Search option if you're looking for a specific item by name or material, etc.  :)

To order the Turquoise Lover's Delight Kumihimo Bracelet, select Buy Now button below -

Turquoise Lover's Delight Kumihimo Bracelet

Turquoise Lover's Delight Kumihimo Bracelet - Citi Employees

To order the Rose Quartz Kumihimo Bracelet, select Buy Now button below -

Rose Quartz Kumihimo Bracelet

Rose Quartz Kumihimo Bracelet - Citi Employees

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Shimmering Shells Kumihimo Bracelet

Shimmering Shells Kumihimo Bracelet - Citi Employees


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sparkly White Pearls Kumihimo Bracelet

I've been excited to show you the finished version of the Sparkly White Pearls Kumihimo Bracelet.

Glossy white glass pearls are spiraled in with crystalized silver glass pearls and large clear crystals, making this bracelet nice and sparkly. April, my gracious bracelet model, even said 'wow, it really is pretty sparkly' when she put it on. You really have to see it in person to get the full sparkly effect, although I try to do it as much justice as I can with my limited photography skills. It's nicely completed with rhinestone spacers, large glass pearl beads, crystals and a pewter toggle clasp. It sits snuggly on the wrist at 8". Whether you're a pearl lover or not, this pearl bracelet has such a nice sparkly elegance, is very versatile, and would look great on anyone. I think you'll love it! Additional pictures can be found in the $20 and up Bin.

Sparkly White Pearls Kumihimo Bracelet - $35 (SOLD)

To order, click the appropriate Buy Now button below. Size 8 will be sent unless otherwise specified during the ordering process.

White Sparkly Pearls Kumihimo Bracelet

White Sparkly Pearls Kumihimo Bracelet - Citi Employees