Monday, July 25, 2011

Smooth Pearls on Platinum Ice Kumi Bracelet

As promised, I'm excited to show you how the Smooth Pearls on Platinum Ice Kumi bracelet turned out! I think it turned out great and hope you love it!

In case you missed the preview of this bracelet before it was finished, I loved the smoothness of these light and dark grey cultured pearls, and decided to try using them in a Kumi bracelet. I paired them with shiny sparkly metallic platinum colored bicones. I thought the round smoothness of the pearls would go good with the triangly smooth edges of the bicones. Some are metallic on all sides which really gives the bracelet extra sparkle, and some have a metallic and clear glass effect on one side, which add a slight feeling of depth and variety.

Because of the satiny cultured pearls used, I wanted to keep the same theme and color going and decided to use the satiny smooth look and dark grey color of the glass lampwork beads for the ends. Thought it would look real pretty if I added to the bling factor, so I added these large rhinestone and pewter beads, and a rhinestone toggle clasp. The clasp has rhinestones on both front and backsides, nice and sparkly. This Kumihimo bracelet wears just a tad thicker than the crystal Kumihimo bracelets, measures in length at 7 1/2", but fits on the wrist at 6". I think this one turned out real pretty. I love the metallic icy look mixed with the smooth pearls, hence the name Smooth Pearls on Platinum Ice. It literally could be warn with just about anything - either dress up an outfit or add sparkle and elegance to other jewelry worn. I have a feeling it will be a reader favorite, I know it's one of mine!   What a great gift idea this or another Cara's Creations would make for a birthday or Christmas gift, and it's always good to treat yourself! Stay tuned for more Cara's Creations and thanks for stopping by and reading!

Smooth Pearls on Platinum Ice Kumihimo Bracelet - $35 (SOLD)

If you would like to order one, you can click on the Buy Now button below and include your wrist size. If it is unknown, the 6" bracelet will be sent out.

Smooth Pearls on Platinum Ice Kumihimo Bracelet

Smooth Pearls on Platinum Ice Kumi Bracelet-Citibank Employees


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Upcoming Kumi Sneak Peak

Here's a quick sneak peak on the next few Kumi bracelets that will be coming out. They are all done in the Japanese Kumihimo braiding style, and still in the 'growing' unfinished stages. Just need the finishing touches added or need more pics taken, but I wanted to share what I've been working on. You can also find other projects I have going on in the Projects Bin.

This one I decided to make entirely out of the rose quartz. The chips are nice and smooth and I don't know why but all together it reminds me of rock candy for some reason - cotton candy flavored.. And in my version of a perfect world, the metal would be made of shiny edible chocolate parts. Just dreaming..  Mmmh, I'd like to live in that world..!    :)  It's finished, more pics and measurements to come.

This next one is made of a lovely shell mixture of a light mocha and various light to medium brown tones and hues, pearly whites, and glossy silver colors. The outside edges lined up really nice and almost look like a shell walkway. A few more finishing touches and this one will be ready to go too.

Last but not least... also a favorite is this silky pearls on platinum ice. I think that's just what I'm going to call it too because of the sleek smooth look and feel of the cultured light and dark grey pearls, and the cooling  metallic platinum color of the bicones that look like sparkly platinum colored ice. This one is actually finished with a brilliant rhinestone toggle clasp, I just need to take the pictures and put them up so stay tuned or check back. It came out to 6" on the wrist.

That's all for now but more to come... watch for updates!

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Chunky Kumi - Periwinkle Teardrops Kumihimo Bracelet

Since it's either been baking hot outside, or rainy and muggy - both of which drain your energy within seconds of stepping outside and make it just about intolerable to do anything not involving A/C - I've decided to go with the comfortable nonsweaty path of A/C, and it's given me time to try a few new variations and techniques out on the Kumihimo bracelets.

First, I wanted to create a Kumi that was a little chunkier and had a multi-layered look to it, but without appearing too heavy or dense looking - wanted to keep it light and airy looking. Found these great teardrops that have this pretty periwinkle ribbon running through the middle. Love them! Also found matching periwinkle faceted round beads, clear and plain teardrop briolettes for additional glow and reflection. I like the way the light shines through the glass and crystals, almost like a chandelier effect. Finished it with faceted black beads to keep it sleek. Also discovered these sparkly flat magnetic clasps that are multi - colored and have a hint of periwinkle in them. I think I was successful at creating a dazzling periwinkle chandelier style chunky bracelet. I just love the way it looks!

Periwinkle Teardrops Kumihimo Bracelet - $35
Measures 8"

This picture below shows the magnetic clasp before it is locked into place. Loving the magnets! They make grab 'n go easy when you're running out the door but want to accessorize with something quick. This one has great multi-colored glass on top that gives it a little extra bling.

If you would like to purchase or order one, you can click the Buy Now button below. Please specify your wrist size, or it will be made with average size of 8".

Periwinkle Teardrops Kumihimo Bracelet

Periwinkle Teardrops Kumihimo Bracelet - Citibank Employees


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Kumi grown up...

So I wanted you to see how the baby Kumihimo bracelet turned out.

I checked the length to make sure it would be long enough, it looked about right and like this one is ready to be finished up.

Then did the wrist check, to make sure it has good wrist-ability and lays well on the wrist, and would be the right size. Opalite is so glowy and pretty and really makes it stand out, and paired with the clear drops they look like they're floating above the main body of the Kumi. All looked great, ready to dress it up with the trimmings.

And tada, the baby Kumi all grown-up! Fully dressed with black lampwork beads with a swanky light blue swirl, and magnetic rhinestone clasp. I made it to 8", but with the opalites and drops, it measures and wears closer to 6" on the wrist. I just love and am so happy with the way it turned out! :)

If you would like one, you can order it below. Please specify your size when the screen asks for a special note to merchant.

Floating Opalite Kumihimo Bracelet

Floating Opalite Kumihimo Bracelet - Citibank Employees


Friday, July 1, 2011

Thanks for Participating!!

I want to send out a thank you to everyone who participated in the drawing this month! There was a great response, and I appreciate your support. And thanks for stopping by and visiting the bins while you were here. There were record views this week at 249 pageviews. Thanks to all again, and happy reading!

Drum roll please..

And the winner is... Toni Swafford!! She won the drawing for a free necklace from her entry by subscribing to my blog via email.  Please send me your necklace choice, and your home address so I can mail it to you. Congrats Toni!  :)

Here are your choices again -


New Kumihimo Project

Wanted to show you guys my newest favorite project. This shows a Kumihimo bracelet starting out as a baby, and how it continues to grow into an 'adult'. I just love watching them grow.  :) 
I wanted this one to grow using different shapes and textures to change it up a bit, instead of having only crystal rondelles that I normally use. So I went through my stash of 'seeds' (beads), and thought the clear teardrop beads, and milky luminous appearance of opalite would go great with black and white crystals, and various smaller black beads. Isn't it just a cutie!? This one turned out quite stunning actually. More pics in the Project Bin. Stay tuned for the full grown completed bracelet, with all the trimmings.


Drawing today, stay tuned for results!

I'll post the results later today, so stay tuned for the winner!