Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blue Metallic Nugget Bracelet - Almost Finished

I made this really striking and bold blue metallic nugget bracelet for a co-worker at work. She prefers bolder styles with a slight contemporary edge, wanted a navy blue bracelet, and had already picked out the large link chains. The nuggets with the large links turned out just gorgeous! This project is still in progress because I still need to make the matching necklace - I'll probably make it over the holiday weekend - but I couldn't help but show you a sneak peek of the bracelet and earrings first. I put the final pictures in the Sold Gallery bin too, located on the bottom-right side of the screen in case you wanna check them out later on.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trendy New Button Bracelet

Here's another order I've been working on that I just couldn't wait to show you. A new customer said she wanted a button bracelet. She had seen one on her boss awhile back, and loved it. She brought me a picture so I could see what it looked like, the style and color she wanted. It had great brass and gold tones, with a more modernized feel and a touch of vintage - I knew this was going to be a fun project to work on. I used similar modern and vintage-style buttons, and also used a larger brass chain so that the buttons were a little more stable and didn't 'wobble' quite as much but still had a nice jangle. Below is my version of the button bracelet and how it turned out - I was so happy to hear that she liked how hers looked even better than her bosses'! I was pretty impressed how it turned out myself, hope you like it!  Let me know what you think.  Similar bracelets sell for $50, I'm selling mine for $35.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Been Busy but Blessed

Well, I have had a few people ask if I've posted anything new on my blog, or why I haven't posted anything new in a while. I've had to respond that thankfully, I've been keeping busy filling Christmas orders since my last post. Christmas season is usually the busiest shopping season, and I'm so blessed that it has also been busy for Cara's Creations as well. Many people see one of my creations and say, ooh I love that style, but I need it in purple... I prefer not creating an exact replica of a previous item if I can avoid it, so when I get a request for a certain design I've made but in a different color, I will usually change the pattern up just a bit along with the color, so that the new piece will be a little more unique.

For instance, one of my customer's - (I won't say her name just in case the person receiving an item as a gift looks at my website, but I'll call her Ms. S.) - saw me wearing and liked this red and gold bracelet design, but needed something in purple. (The red and gold bracelet is still available btw)

I kept the same basic double pearl layer design but changed up some of the other beads, the metal spacers, and chain to give it a slightly different look with these deep dark, deliciously purple glass pearls.

And I like to give my customer's a 'pre-view' of what I am making for them, just in case it wasn't what they had in mind etc., and make sure they like it. I'll bring in the partially completed piece so they can see how it will turn out, but the finishing touches haven't been made so I can change it up if need be. So I brought in the partially completed bracelet to make sure Ms. S. would like it, got the thumbs up, and made the necklace with the same design. I also put in the addition of a third layer in the front piece of the necklace for more attention grabbing impact. She loved the finished look! I think it turned out fabulous! This purply passionate bracelet and necklace inspired her and I so much (my favorite color just happens to be purple), we both said we might have to get one ourselves lol! In fact, she ordered more bracelets in purple, hunter green, red, and orange - thanks Ms. S. for your orders! Hope you will like it too. 

If you would like to order one, I can make it in many colors - see colors below), just email me at and let me know which color you need. When planning your order for this bracelet or necklace using one of the colors of the glass pearls below, you might want to make sure to allow additional 3-4 days on this item time for shipping of the pearlswhen considering the time frame the Cara's Creation piece is needed.

Deep Purple Pearl Necklace and Bracelet
Necklace - $40
Bracelet - $23

Gold Glass Pearls with Red Metallic Pearls Bracelet - $23

      Navy Blue                  Teal                   Montana           
CP-000229 3mm navy blue glass pearl round CP-000155 14mm Teal Green glass pearl round CP-000150 14mm Montana glass pearl round
 CP-000135 14mm Blue glass pearl round

  Sage Green           Baby Lime Green      Olive Green  
 CP-000145 14mm Sage color glass pearl round CP-000142 14mm Baby Lime glass pearl round CP-000232 3mm olive green glass pearl round
CP-000114 12mm Red glass pearl round

    Off white                  White                              
CP-000152 14mm Off White glass pearl round CP-000131 14mm White glass pearl round
       Khaki                    Butter
CP-000096 10mm Khaki glass pearl round CP-000132 14mm Butter glass pearl round

     Brown                     Bronze                  Copper
CP-000224 3mm brown glass pearl round CP-000153 14mm Bronze Color glass pearl CP-000139 14mm Copper Color glass pearl round

     Dark Purple           Orchid                  Wine                                  
CP-000231 3mm dark purple glass pearl round CP-000227 3mm orchid glass pearl round CP-000221 3mm wine glass pearl round
CP-000095 10mm Raspberry glass pearl round

             Pink                 Dusty Pink           Baby Pink
 CP-000117 12mm Pink glass pearl round CP-000108 12mm Dusty Pink glass pearl round CP-000003 4mm Baby Pink glass pearl round

          Black                 Dark Grey              Grey
 CP-000047 6mm Black glass pearl round CP-000007 4mm Dark Gray glass pearl round CP-000034 6mm Gray glass pearl round

Gold Pearl & Metallic Red Pearl Bracelet

Gold Pearl & Metallic Red Bracelet - Allstate/CitiGroup Employee

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanks for visiting Cara's Creations!

I wanted to send everyone who visited me at Cara's Creations booth at Allstate and also at St John's Country Day School Holiday Marketplace this past Friday and Saturday, a great big thank you for stopping by! I love meeting all of you, showing off my collection, and answering any questions or requests you may have. I even saw quite a few nice folks from last year's Holiday Marketplace at St John's Country Day School. So great to meet you first timers, and seeing you repeats again! Come back and see me, or visit here often, and I hope to see you again soon!  And don't forget or wait until it's too late to put in your orders before Christmas gets here. I need about 2-7 days to process orders, and I have about 5 orders I'm filling now. Thanks again!
Cara's Creations at Allstate

Cara and Mag (she sells college themed sofa shaped kleenex boxes)

Cara's Creations at St John's Country Day School