Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring is Everywhere!

So it's been a while since my last post. But can you blame me? Spring is everywhere! Everywhere you look are bright, dazzling, wonderful, and huge variety colors on the ground, in the air, all over the clothes and jewelry shops. This has always been my favorite time of year. The air is still mild, sun still gentle on the skin. I just love spring, and being out in it if and whenever possible. So that is my excuse as to the absence of posts lately.. :)

I did want to show you a necklace that was a sort of partnership with a friend at work. She brougt in this beautiful springy colored lanyard - it had these lovely glass chips of green, violet, white, and light amber. She's been a fan of mine for some time now, and appreciates many of the details and craftmanship I put into my work. So when she brought me this lanyard simply attached on a string and said to see what I can do with it, I was excited about fancying it up a bit for her. I went easy on the bling factor, since she wanted to be able to wear the necklace with as many outfits as possible, and didn't want it too fancy. I showed her a few violet and white glass foils, as well as green glass beads and white crystals that I thought would nicely accentuate the violet, green, white colors of the glass pieces. She liked the violet foils the most, so I made sure to use them as the focus beads. Here's how it turned out, hope you like it! I also included a picture of the plain lanyard she started out with, so you can see what she brought me.

I also have a few new pieces that I will blog about soon, but you can preview them in the $20 and Up Bin on my blog in the right column.

Original lanyard