Monday, October 31, 2011

Here's hoping everyone has a safe and Happy Hooowloween from your Jewelry Fairy (far left) and friends.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gators vs. Bulldogs

Well so far it's a neck and neck race on Gators vs Bulldog bracelet orders. Gator fans were ahead in orders and purchases, but looks like there might be one more order for a Bulldog Kumihimo necklace, which will pull the Dawgs ahead in fan support with orders. Wonder if Gator fans are gonna let them get away with that. Wonder if that's how game day will go as well... we'll see this weekend!

I've started a another Gator bracelet design - loved the orange blocks on this, they have a slight reflective shine depending on what light is on it. Looks stunning next to the Gator blue crystals and beads. Let me know what you think - I can do them in a variety of colors, red/black, maroon/gold, teal/black, etc. I think it's a nice statement bracelet - this one states Gators rule.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grey Shell with White Crystals Hand Woven Bracelet

I wanted to show you the finished result on the Grey Shell with White Crystals Woven Bracelet custom made for Karen. I think it turned out lovely! It has a rhinestone buckle magnetic clasp that stands out and is a favorite among customers. The light crystal is so elegant looking, mixed with the slightly contemporary look of the shell circles, it can be worn anytime, anywhere, for years to come. Love it!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Still time left for orders and custom order requests...

Some of you may have noticed since your last visit that a few of your favorite items have been sold. (You can find them in the Sold Items Bin on the right side of my blog). It turned out to be a pretty successful weekend at the Orange Park Arts/Crafts festival last weekend, and many items were eagerly snatched up. However, luck you, there are still many favorites and great pieces left. Now is the time to purchase before Georgia/Bulldog games, Christmas, etc. Don't wait until it's too late and your favorite pieces are gone. To order, you can email me at with your order, or find the blog that has your favorite piece and click on the Buy Now buttons at the bottom of the posts. 

Many items are one-of-a-kind - I try to keep each item unique and sometimes I'm unable to get the same unique beads or materials, so once the piece is sold I'm not always able to recreate them. But if there's a design you love/need/just gotta have, but not in the colors or beads you want or it's been sold, just email me and I can usually mix and match the same sized colors or beads if they are in stock - please allow 3-7 days to complete custom orders.

For instance, at the craft show the lovely Karen from Fleming Island loved the grey shell and green glass woven bracelet, but wanted it in a larger size and with white crystals so she could wear it with different outfits. Below is what we were able to come up with, and I am just about finished with it. I think she's gonna love it!

I've also included a few pics of remaining and sold Bulldog and Gator themed Kumihimo (Japanese braided) bracelets, and matching items. The Bulldog has black pearls and large crystals, with red coral pieces and has already been ordered, but you're in luck if you need/love/have to have one too - I do have extra materials for an extra Bulldog bracelet. I am making the matching earrings, the set is $40.   The Gator jewelry below is all I have left from the craft show, and is still up for grabs!

But from now until the end of December this year, you can 'Like' my page on Facebook at or subscribe to Cara's Creations blog and get a 10% discount on one item!

Cara's Creations will also be in the St John's Country Day School's Fifth Annual Holiday Craft Show, Saturday December 3, 2011.

So hurry and get your favorite items or put in your custom orders before time runs out! As you know, Christmas is always here before you know it, and everyone loves unique hand-made gifts!

Grey Shell with White Crystals Woven Bracelet with Magnetic Buckle Crystal Clasp

Bulldog Theme Pearls and Crystals with Coral Kumihimo Bracelet - $30 (SOLD)
(This particular one is sold, but you can email me at, place your order, and I can make you another one)

 Matching Earrings - $10
(Left pair sold, right pair still up for grabs)

Bulldog Chain with Large 20mm Crystals Necklace 37" - $20

Gator Themed Crystal Kumihimo Bracelet - $30

Matching Earrings $10
(Left pair artisan Lampwork beads and crystal, Right pair crystal and glass bicone)

Metal Beaded, Crystal and Lampwork Bracelet - $20
(*This bracelet would look awesome with the Crystal Kumihimo Bracelet on the same wrist or one bracelet per wrist!)   :)
Gator Earrings - $10 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just about ready for Arts/Crafts festival in Orange Park this weekend!

Wanted to post a few quick picks on the newest kumihimo creations made.. I'm bringing it all with me this weekend, can't wait! I'll be there from Saturday and Sunday 9-6. You don't wanna miss it, hope to see you there!  This beaut has pink glass pearls, jasper, bicones and seed beads - the name Pink Sparkly Bubbly just seemed to fit   :)