Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Very Own Button Bracelet

Here's a look at the silver button bracelet I made for myself. I've never been a typical button 'lover' or 'collector' before, so I hadn't really planned on making one to wear for myself. But I fell in love with the brass one I sold earlier so much, I couldn't resist making me one in silver. I tend to wear more silvers, blacks and greys anyways. I added an extra touch of sparkly with a few large crystals. A memorable jewelry moment was when I was showing it to a lady in Publix not too long ago. As she was admiring it, another lady came up to us and kept saying how she loved it, asking how it was made etc. Bead bracelets are so fun to wear and even they might not always be as sparkly as the crystal or glass bead stuff, they definitely are loved and draw attention by many. It seems I've had as many compliments and get noticed just as much if not more than a regular bracelet. Let me know if you watcha think. They are $35 and I can make them in varied metallic normal button colors, but I've also seen blue, red, all white, etc - just email me if you'd like one made and the preferred color. This one has a round toggle clasp, but a lobster clasp can always be substituted to fit most sizes. I've also started on a button necklace and will put pics up once it's done, or as soon as I can steal some time away...  :)  I have a feeling it's going to turn out to be another button beauty! That's all for now, have a wonderful day! 



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