Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beautiful in Navy Blue

Ever go to the store with the goal of buying a specific object, and nothing else. In and out right? You get to the store, head towards the general direction of your intended purchase.. and lo and behold, something else also catches your eyes, and you've picked up another gotta have it item on the way (or several..). And hopefully you've remembered to grab what you came for lol! Never fear - it happens to all of us.

Well these fantastic blue globe beads were just such a purchase. I went into the craft store solely with the intent of picking up beads for a customer order on a pair of eyeglass holders. And there those blue beauties were. I saw them out of the corner of my eye, and knew a closer inspection was needed. I just loved the unique black design ontop of the gorgeous navy blue glass globes. After much deliberation, I realized it was definitely a gotta-have-it purchase, and I couldn't bring myself to leave the place without them.

So once I got my newly found goodies home, I decided to weave in navy blue glass pearls for a totally unique effect that really set off the large navy glass globes. The resulting necklace is quite eye-catching, totally different, chic, and really I couldn't wait to share it with you.

What I also think is great about this necklace is its versatility. The simple and elegant  necklace can be worn casual with a nice shirt and jeans, khakis, or a skirt. But it also dresses up nicely with an evening top, dress or work outfit.

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I hope you love it.  Thanks, as always, for reading my blog and letting me show off my

Navy Blue Glass Globes and Woven Pearls Necklace - $28




Navy Blue Glass Globes and Woven Pearls Necklace