Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blissfully in Bead Land

First, I'd like to welcome any newcomers to my blog!  This is a casual site so I welcome you to look around, hope you see or read something you like, and appreciate you stopping by.

For my regulars, some of you have been asking for me to post my newest jewelry. I must confess for the last few weeks I've been happily in beading bliss land with taking new orders and other shenanigans. 

If you are a Fan of my Cara's Creations Facebook Page, you already know I've been busy preparing the jewelry for a cowboy themed wedding for a customer that found me at the Orange Park Arts/Farmers Market. I've already posted pictures of the Mother-of-the-bride necklace on my Facebook page. 
It turned out soo beautiful with white pearls and crystals in the Kumihimo style necklace. 
I can't give out all the details just yet, but as 
soon as I can I will surely be telling you all 
or more of the details...  :)

You may have also seen on my Facebook 
Page a wonderful customer who also found me 
at the Orange Park Arts/Farmers Market 
recently. She fell in love with my Pave Cross 
bracelets. She, her family and co-workers, 
have also been keeping me happily busy
for the past couple of weeks as well after I did 
a quick Jewelry party for them last weekend -
they had a blast! 
She's also just ordered an abalone pave cross 
bracelet, and an Irish themed bracelet too.
Lots to keep me busy in bead land, my favorite 
place to be!  :)

So without much further ado, here are 
pics from the jewelry party and a few of what
sold. Afterwards, I've included my Newest 
items still available, and then finally I've re-listed 
a few favorites that I felt should be featured 
again because some of you might not have 
seen them yet, and because they are just too
pretty not to. Either way and any way, I hope 
you enjoy them!  :)

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Jewelry Party Bracelets


And now onto the newest jewelry offerings. These are still available and ready to be snatched up. I'll be taking some into work and giving them to my aunt to take to her office, so they could be gone soon. Better grab them up while you can! If you need one made or in a different color just let me know!

Crystal Gator Pave Cross Bracelet - $10

Bronze Brown Pearl Pave Cross Bracelet- $8

Turquoise Pearl Pave Cross Necklace and Bracelet Set - $22  

Turquoise Pearls Pave Cross Bracelet - $8. (Sold separately)

Turquoise Pearls Pave Cross Necklace - $17

Black Agate Pave Cross Bracelet - $13

Orange Cracked Agate Pave Cross Bracelet with Crystal Spacers - $15

Blueberry Shells and Crystals Pave Cross Bracelet  - $15

Purple and Pink Pearls Pave Cross Bracelet - $8

Peach Quartz Pave Cross Bracelet - $15

Black Pearls Pave Cross Bracelet -$8

Turquoise Pave Cross Necklace with Beads $13

Pave Cross Necklace with Goldstone - $13

Turquoise Cross Stone Necklace - $22

Pink Shells and Faceted Round Crystals Pave Bracelet - $15

Finally, I wanted to showcase these lovely pieces again. They are still yours for the taking!  :)

Cherry Quartz Treat Bracelet -  $18 **On SALE**

Black and White Blocks Kumihimo Bracelet - $25 **On SALE**   Fits sizes 7"-8.5"

Coral Glass and Coin Pearl Necklace - $21. **On SALE**

Pink and Gun Metal Blocks Kumihimo Bracelet - $25. **On SALE**

Purple Pearls and Teardrop Crystals Necklace - $30.  **On SALE**

Smoky And Metallic Blue Crystal Nugget Necklace - $21. **On SALE**