Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spreading The Love With Bracelet Bling

I recently finished an order for 6 medium-sized black pearl and crystal bracelets. One of my co-workers had seen the red and gold pearl bracelet I had been wearing, and being the loving and thoughtful sister and daughter that she is, thought it would make a great gift idea for some of the women in her family. I went with the same basic design but used the black pearls, silver spacer bars, and changed up the look of the crystals a bit. Some crystals were faceted silver, faceted smoky clear, metallic black and silver, and a few other tweaks so that most of the bracelets differed just slightly. She told me afterwards that they all loved them, yay! Hope you like them too!  I've included a video along with the pictures. Sorry for the video quality.. but hopefully it helps to know that I have plans on getting a better video camera in the very near future.  :)

Black Pearl Bracelet Video (If unable to view video via email, please click on highlighted link title at the top - 'Black Pearl Bracelets' - and it will take you to the video on my website)


Monday, January 16, 2012

Hooked on Fishhook Earrings

Just a quick post to show you another pair of fishhook earrings made for a co-worker's son's girlfriend. Apparently she loves fishing, and these were a great gift idea. Two smaller metallic green faceted round beads with an additional clear crystal bicone both above and below it, make up the main body of these earrings. Yes, that's a real stainless steel fishhook dangling from the crystal bead... No worries, the tip and barb have been cut off and sanded so no actual hooking or stabbing is involved for the wearer. They're quite versatile too - I've done several different versions using different beads and combinations, and just about any bead looks good as a fishhook earring. They really stand out, and are just the cutest fishhook earrings don't ya think? Love them!  :)


Friday, January 13, 2012

Watch Bracelet Project

This was a fun little project I did recently for a co-worker. She had a watch that she wanted to keep, but needed a more secure 'band' for it that fit better on her wrist. The one she had had flat beads on it, and were connected to the face of the watch with to tiny lobster clasps. I used the same design since she seemed happy with it, and dressed it up a bit with black goldstones (dark black stones with tiny flecks of gold in them) and a large lobster clasp at both ends. Once I added the lobster heart clasps, she was hooked! :)  They have the cutest hearts that make up the base of the clasp, giving it a little more feminine, fun  and slightly bold look.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

My First Video!

My very first video, yay!! :)  Go easy on me....  I know the video quality isn't the best, and please excuse the slight winding noise in the background. While recording I found out my camera has this weird glitch - apparently it makes this winding noise when it focuses and refocuses, which it does quite often. I tried lessening the winding noise by keeping the focus point in the same general area, but some refocusing by the camera was inevitable. For those who might ask or think 'have you tried using your phone video camera'? Answer - yes, and the quality of the image and sharpness was definitely not as good as my Fuji camera. I'm also considering putting them on Youtube, but that's another story.

They say a picture can say a thousand words, but a video can really make an item 'come to life'. Seems like no matter how many different angles and distances I use to take my pictures, everyone always says actually seeing the jewelry in person really makes a difference. Of course a video won't let you touch it or try it on. But... you can see how it hangs, see a lot more of the angles and textures, different color nuances, and so much more that a picture just doesn't always seem to be able to grab.

I realize this first video attempt might not be professional quality or have the best content yet... but it's a good start and still a work in progress. And I just thought how fun it would be to try adding a recording in addition to some of the pictures I put up, to add a little more excitement to the jewelry and the blog - and a button bracelet is a good start because it tends to have a little more movement and jangle. And how much more fun it is to watch a cute little video than several pictures. I'll still continue posting the pictures - I've had many compliments on them and am often asked what photography company do I use (me!). But if the videos go over well and I have enough interest in them, I'll start including videos of my newest creations along with the pictures. Since this is a jewelry blog, I might even start adding videos of different ideas or projects, and even newest bead purchases or wish lists I have going on - and whatever else I can think of, time allowing, that would be fun and make coming to Cara's Creations blog a better experience. So let me know whatcha think of the video and my video ideas.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Very Own Button Bracelet

Here's a look at the silver button bracelet I made for myself. I've never been a typical button 'lover' or 'collector' before, so I hadn't really planned on making one to wear for myself. But I fell in love with the brass one I sold earlier so much, I couldn't resist making me one in silver. I tend to wear more silvers, blacks and greys anyways. I added an extra touch of sparkly with a few large crystals. A memorable jewelry moment was when I was showing it to a lady in Publix not too long ago. As she was admiring it, another lady came up to us and kept saying how she loved it, asking how it was made etc. Bead bracelets are so fun to wear and even they might not always be as sparkly as the crystal or glass bead stuff, they definitely are loved and draw attention by many. It seems I've had as many compliments and get noticed just as much if not more than a regular bracelet. Let me know if you watcha think. They are $35 and I can make them in varied metallic normal button colors, but I've also seen blue, red, all white, etc - just email me if you'd like one made and the preferred color. This one has a round toggle clasp, but a lobster clasp can always be substituted to fit most sizes. I've also started on a button necklace and will put pics up once it's done, or as soon as I can steal some time away...  :)  I have a feeling it's going to turn out to be another button beauty! That's all for now, have a wonderful day! 



Thursday, January 5, 2012

Necklace Project Complete

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and safe New Year! 

I wanted to show you the finished necklace project I had been working on. I actually decided to give her two necklace options to go with the bracelet and earrings - I like a variety myself, and try to provide that to you all as well whenever possible. Here are a few pics of both the Blue Quartz Medallion Necklace and the Metallic Blue Pearl and Faceted Beads Necklace with Embellished Heart Pendant.  She chose the Medallion Necklace, so the Pearl and Faceted Bead Necklace is still up for grabs below.

Metallic Blue Pearl and Faceted Bead Necklace with Heart Pendant - $30 (SOLD)
Blue Metallic Nugget Bracelet and Earrings - $30 (SOLD)

Blue Quartz Medallion Necklace with Metallic Blue Pearl and Faceted Round Bead Accents - $30 (SOLD)
Blue Metallic Nugget Bracelet and Earrings - $30 (SOLD)