Monday, June 6, 2011

Long Horn Fans!

I've heard that there might be some Long Horn fans that could use some representin'... Since I'm a native Texan, I was happy to oblige. So I started with these lovely rich orange crystal bicones, gave them some extra bling by surrounding them with silver and clear crystals, and a contrasting white shell alternate to keep with the Long Horn theme. I completed the look with a Heart toggle clasp. I noticed the bar part of the clasp is slightly bent looking, and could almost resemble a 'horn' shape - I thought this was a nice touch. :)  I think this cute bracelet would make a pretty nice showing and compliment any Long Horn themed clothing or jewelry. I have another one in the works so be on the lookout. I also know there are a few Gator fans that would probably like to see some representation, that'll be coming up as well. That's all for me for now.

White Shells with Orange and Silver Bicones Bracelet $20

Matching earrings -
White Shells with Orange and Silver crystal Bicones $7
Necklace and earring set - $25


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