Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blue n Orange Puffy Dichroic Glass Heart Necklace

It's time for some blue n orange representation. If you're a Gator fan, you'll probably appreciate this next necklace. I found this great puffy heart glass pendant, similar to the pink puffy heart pendant but about a 1/2 inch smaller. It's colors are deep blue, orange, green and a hint of yellow and almost seem to glow in dichroic glass. It's also set in a heart shape, and surrounded on the sides by clear glass. To go with it, I really liked these intriguing looking large faceted rondelles that have a swirl effect inside - some are a more solid single color of blue, orange or white, while others are a mixed swirl variation of blue, orange and white. To keep it coordinated, I also accented with dark blue barrel, round white cats eye, orange and metallic crystal bicones, and small faceted green glass beads. The accent beads at the top portion of the necklace are 'stacked' with knotted jump rings in-between which give them a slight 'swirl' effect to match the swirled effect of the glass beads, and give it a little more uniqueness and variety. The clasp is done in the lobster clasp style, and has a heart that makes up the bottom portion - different and really cute. Even if you're not a Gator fan, I hope you'll find this necklace fun, different, and fabulous!

I should add that I had visions of a deep blue sky in the picture background accentuating the deep blue of the beads...  apparently Mother Nature did not share the same vision...  :)

Necklace Option

Necklace Option - Citibank Employees


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