Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Black Wood Pendant Necklace

Well here's the first of a few necklaces I made with my new supplies from Deland Bead Store. This is a long necklace, 60" and was a little difficult to display so I had this nice little guy help hold it for me :) . Black Wood Pendant Necklace has a unique looking black wooden circle and rectangle pendants, the rectangle having a cool lighter colored wood so that it appears 'framed' by the black wood. Pendants are accompanied by coordinating glass, wooden and foil beads. This necklace is quite versatile at 60" long and can be wrapped around 2-3 times for a great layered effect. Pic is showing it wrapped twice. Set includes matching earrings. More pics are in the $20 and up Bin but Necklace and earrings can be purchased on this page by clicking the Add to Cart button below.  Necklace is $30, with matching earrings the set would be $35. Please indicate if you would like just the necklace or the set when purchasing. I really enjoyed and had fun creating this one, and hope you enjoy it!

Necklace Option


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