Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prisms and Pearls and updated Bulldog Necklace

I found these great amber colored prisms, for lack of a better term, at River City Beads. I'm sure there's a word for the shape of them, I just don't know it. I just know I loved the shape of them... it's different and really pretty. Thought they would make a wonderful delicate, elegant, unique necklace. I mixed in a few yellowish-goldish colored glass pearls, clear glass prisms, and voila! Also kept with the warm theme by using copper chain and lobster clasp for a complete look. Really love this one for fall/winter fashion and at such a great value. Hope you love it too!

Prisms and Pearls Necklace - $25 (Sold)

Prisms and Pearls Necklace

Prisms and Pearls Necklace-Allstate and Citi Employees

A Bulldog friend of mine wanted the Oblong Necklace in a double layer, and although I did have to adjust the price to accommodate the additional materials used, he said his girl absolutely loves it. Here's the updated double-layered Bulldog Oblong Necklace.


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