Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gator Blocks Woven Bracelet

Here's something kinda spooky in the spirit of Halloween time... my previous blog suggested the game could go the way of the fan support on bracelet orders. Bulldogs pulled ahead by one order. And what do you know, the Bulldogs won by a mere 4 points last weekend.

Anyhoo..  Here is the finished Gator Blocks Woven Bracelet. Great orange blocks with two layers of Gator blue crystals and glass beads woven around them. Lobster clasp on this bracelet makes it one size fits all - 5" all the way up to 8". (Email me if you need it smaller/larger - You can find pics of this and more in the $20 Bin on my blog home page on the right.

Gator Blocks Woven Bracelet - $20

Gator Blocks Woven Bracelet - Citi Employees

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