Monday, July 25, 2011

Smooth Pearls on Platinum Ice Kumi Bracelet

As promised, I'm excited to show you how the Smooth Pearls on Platinum Ice Kumi bracelet turned out! I think it turned out great and hope you love it!

In case you missed the preview of this bracelet before it was finished, I loved the smoothness of these light and dark grey cultured pearls, and decided to try using them in a Kumi bracelet. I paired them with shiny sparkly metallic platinum colored bicones. I thought the round smoothness of the pearls would go good with the triangly smooth edges of the bicones. Some are metallic on all sides which really gives the bracelet extra sparkle, and some have a metallic and clear glass effect on one side, which add a slight feeling of depth and variety.

Because of the satiny cultured pearls used, I wanted to keep the same theme and color going and decided to use the satiny smooth look and dark grey color of the glass lampwork beads for the ends. Thought it would look real pretty if I added to the bling factor, so I added these large rhinestone and pewter beads, and a rhinestone toggle clasp. The clasp has rhinestones on both front and backsides, nice and sparkly. This Kumihimo bracelet wears just a tad thicker than the crystal Kumihimo bracelets, measures in length at 7 1/2", but fits on the wrist at 6". I think this one turned out real pretty. I love the metallic icy look mixed with the smooth pearls, hence the name Smooth Pearls on Platinum Ice. It literally could be warn with just about anything - either dress up an outfit or add sparkle and elegance to other jewelry worn. I have a feeling it will be a reader favorite, I know it's one of mine!   What a great gift idea this or another Cara's Creations would make for a birthday or Christmas gift, and it's always good to treat yourself! Stay tuned for more Cara's Creations and thanks for stopping by and reading!

Smooth Pearls on Platinum Ice Kumihimo Bracelet - $35 (SOLD)

If you would like to order one, you can click on the Buy Now button below and include your wrist size. If it is unknown, the 6" bracelet will be sent out.

Smooth Pearls on Platinum Ice Kumihimo Bracelet

Smooth Pearls on Platinum Ice Kumi Bracelet-Citibank Employees


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