Monday, July 18, 2011

New Chunky Kumi - Periwinkle Teardrops Kumihimo Bracelet

Since it's either been baking hot outside, or rainy and muggy - both of which drain your energy within seconds of stepping outside and make it just about intolerable to do anything not involving A/C - I've decided to go with the comfortable nonsweaty path of A/C, and it's given me time to try a few new variations and techniques out on the Kumihimo bracelets.

First, I wanted to create a Kumi that was a little chunkier and had a multi-layered look to it, but without appearing too heavy or dense looking - wanted to keep it light and airy looking. Found these great teardrops that have this pretty periwinkle ribbon running through the middle. Love them! Also found matching periwinkle faceted round beads, clear and plain teardrop briolettes for additional glow and reflection. I like the way the light shines through the glass and crystals, almost like a chandelier effect. Finished it with faceted black beads to keep it sleek. Also discovered these sparkly flat magnetic clasps that are multi - colored and have a hint of periwinkle in them. I think I was successful at creating a dazzling periwinkle chandelier style chunky bracelet. I just love the way it looks!

Periwinkle Teardrops Kumihimo Bracelet - $35
Measures 8"

This picture below shows the magnetic clasp before it is locked into place. Loving the magnets! They make grab 'n go easy when you're running out the door but want to accessorize with something quick. This one has great multi-colored glass on top that gives it a little extra bling.

If you would like to purchase or order one, you can click the Buy Now button below. Please specify your wrist size, or it will be made with average size of 8".

Periwinkle Teardrops Kumihimo Bracelet

Periwinkle Teardrops Kumihimo Bracelet - Citibank Employees


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