Saturday, March 9, 2013

Orange Park Arts & Farmers Market - March 10, 2013

Okay, okay... I know it's officially called the Farmers' and Arts Market. But pleading my case, there are usually fewer than 20 farmers but between 70-100 artists/crafters. Since I'm one of the artists/designers/crafters, it sounds a little fairer with my title.  :)

So without further ado, come see Cara's Creations at the Orange Park Arts' and Farmers' Market Sunday, March 10th. We'll all be there from 11am - 4pm and it's supposed to be great weather - 70's and sunny, ahh Florida..  Perfect for walking around and checking out all or some of the 91 art/craft and food vendors. Local produce will also be on-hand, so you can even get some grocery shopping done while you're there. You could tell the hubby you went grocery shopping, and do a little 'you' shopping or Mother's Day shopping, because you got the onions, lettuce and tomatoes you needed - he he.

One of my favorite vendors, Judy with Love to Knit will also be there and in the tent next to me. She is so creative, inventive and talented with her knitted scarves, hats, shawls etc. But what I also really like about this market is the variety of the vendors. There are no more than 3 of the same kind of vendors. So you won't see all pottery, or all paintings, or even all jewelry for that matter. It's a good mix which makes it really different and fun, I always look forward to finding a talent or craft I might not have seen before.

We'll all be on the corner of Kingsley and US-17, at the Town Center, hope to see you there!

Love To Knit from Judy


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