Friday, July 5, 2013

Olive Faceted Cracked Agate and Rhinestone Cross Bracelet

I just found out I've been accepted again to be in the Annual Orange Park Fall Festival this October 19th and 20th. I am soooo excited!  :)   

Here's a quick preview of a cross bracelet done with semi precious faceted cracked agate stone in a beautiful mix of olive, green and white colors. It also features a silver plated rhinestone cross and rhinestone balls. Only $18. It's been pretty popular on my Facebook Page -

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Cherry Tree Beads in North Carolina, whose store has a multitude of different stones, crystals, pearls, rhinestone beads and more, I'll be making plenty more of these bracelets, necklaces and rings in various stones and materials. 

Of course, I'll also have more of my all-time fave Kumihimo, or Japanese weaving, style bracelets and necklaces. 

More pics to come, but just wanted to share my excitement with you!!  :)

Email me
or comment with any requests/orders. 

Olive Faceted Cracked Agate Silver Cross Bracelet.  $18

Here's the Turquoise Fire Polished Chinese Crystal Cross Bracelet. Love the cross on this one. $20

Here's a Silver Cross Bracelet with beautiful Faceted Shell Pearls and rhinestone balls. This one is simply stunning. $22

This Cross bracelet I used barrel mixed black agate beads for a great natural look and sleek feel. $15

For extra sparkle, this cross bracelet has multi-color rhinestone balls along with white pearls and crystals to go with any outfit you wear. $30

And finally, an example of a Kumihimo bracelet done in black chinese crystals with a lobster clasp for extra adjustability. Clasp can be changed to magnetic, magnetic buckle, and toggle upon request.  $30 


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