Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Red Glass Pearl Love

Not to do them any disservice, I wanted to show you the gorgeous Red Glass Pearl Bracelets made for a co-worker and her friends.  This young lady has a huge heart, and she decided to show it off by giving her lucky friends some awesome eye-candy to wear by gifting these wonderful bracelets. Each hand-crafted bracelet is similar in pattern, but is still very much different from the other. Crystal size and shape vary in placement for a little added variety, interest, and fun. Also to change it up, I used crystal spacer bars for maximum wow-factor on one bracelet.  Hope you like the pics and videos. Email me at caras.creations@yahoo.com if you'd like to order one (or more). Please include your size if known, or do as one customer stated, she needed one for her daughter whose wrist size was medium-ish. I made hers a size 6". More updates to come soon! Spring is in the air and I'm currently working on some more springy-inspired bling.  


Video #1 - Email subscribers - you can view videos by clicking on the Purple/Blue Title link at the top "Red Glass Pearl Love"

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4