Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On Some Beach, Somewhere.. Creme Biege Shells with Charcoal Grey Kumihimo Necklace

Oh to be one of these seashells... lying peacefully on some secluded beach somewhere. Listening to the waves gently rolling in and out of the shore. When I saw these shells they took me away to places I've never been but have always wanted to go. Reminded me of days collecting shells on the beach, going from shell to shell to find just the right one to take home.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to go on location to get these particular shells or pictures, but it was fun looking through all the pictures and dreaming. It was also fun making my next Kumihimo necklace using these great creamy biege colored shells I found in the store. As with many shells, they have a multi-colored top, which has been glossed up nicely for us. On-top of the creamy biege sits hues of browns, island greens, oranges, greys, and pinks.

I joined them up with metallic charcoal grey and island green colors to contemporize, give some sparkle, and really make the creme biege color pop. Also loved these great round shell pearls found with the metallic beads at River City Beads. The shell pearls are not cultured pearls. They start with the sea shell, and are lab-grown by adding mother of pearl bead to it, and shaping it into the round pearl shape. This gives them more durability (I had to look that info up). Kinda like how oysters grow into pearls, but instead these shells are 'grown' or made into pearls. Braided in-between is charcoal grey Rat Tail. (It's called Rat Tail, but it's actually a very high quality satin cord) For the upper part of the necklace, I played with the green colors from the shells by adding a green jasper hollowed square, metallic bicone studded bead, and a large embellished hollow pewter bead. To finish it up, I chose an easy-to-use large toggle clasp. It measures 33" in length, but I can shorten down to 24" max, or somewhere in-between if requested.

I hope you enjoy this necklace as much as I enjoyed making and sharing it with you. And enjoy the beach pictures too!

Creme Biege Shells with Charcoal Grey Kumihimo Necklace - $45

Creme Biege Shells with Charcoal Grey Kumihimo Necklace

Creme Biege Shells w/Charcoal Grey Kumihimo Necklace-Citi Employ


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