Monday, September 13, 2010

Manic Monday

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. Monday's are usually a bit manic and no fun, but we drudge through them and make it to the other side. Here's my latest creation from this weekend to cheer up the jewelry spirits. I just love the colors in this shell donut, the way the silver and brown glitter sparkles. And the triple-colored brown braids always show so prettily. I weaved in a strand of pearls to give it added fun and a nice eye-catching effect. It also has this really neat magnetic barrel clasp, so no struggling with clasp ends on this one - just get the ends near each other and it connects and does all the work.  Nothing I enjoy more than hunting for the perfect beads and designing a Cara's Creation. Also added - it's Funky, it's a little chunky - check out the Big and Little Blue Squares necklace, also in the $20 bin. Hope they become as much your favorites, as they are mine!


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