Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day - lazy day

Hope everyone's Labor Day weekend was fun. So many things to do, or not do, on a 3 day weekend. I got to do more bead shopping, which is always my favorite. Later in the day and after chowing down a few buffalo wings with the hubby, and it was time to do one of my not so favorite things. Now don't get me wrong, I will take a whole roll of pictures at the zoo, a place I've been to many times. I love taking pictures... picking out the ones I want from the thousands I've taken to use for my blog and trying to find names for them all is the challenging part. Perhaps I will  get better and faster at it soon, but for now getting the right lighting, angle, etc. is a grueling labor of love. But the end result is all worth it. I hope you enjoy some of the new additions I've added from my collection, and the long weekend.

I had a hard time picking out which necklace I was going to blog about today, because I've added so many new ones to all the bins. But this one seem to stick in my head because of it's sleek looking elegance. Your eye travels along from the smooth black oblong stones to be surrounded by the white braided pearls and shell circles. Doesn't it just sound and look dreamy? Enjoy - additional picture can be found in the $20 bin.


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